Kim Dahler - Våler, Øsfold, Norway

          Year: 1985  Color: Dark Blue Pearl  (LC5Y)
Resprayed in 1997 til Porche iris blau(pearl) New doors.
Changed engine from 1.3l(!) to 89'Gti 16v in May this year. 90' bumpers and
all plastic. Removed rear wiper. Single arm viper in front. Lots of Momo
equipment. 16" allys with 205-40 BF Goodrich. 60mm Jamex kit. Fog light,
grill spoiler. All red rear lamps. Panasonic cd changer, Phoenix Gold
 amplifiers, Celestion etc.                    
     Miles: N/A        
VW Clubs:  None. Like to join some one else the 
VW Audi Club Norwegian -  E-mail me!

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