Owner Registry Information Submission Form

Please use the following form for all new submissions as well as updates
for existing Registry entries. Please fill out the form as completely as
possible and carefully read the following requirements and notes.

	   Owner Registry Information Requirements and Notes 

Please Note that ALL Required Fields MUST be Filled in or the Form Will Not Submit.

* E-Mail Addresses are required for ALL submissions. If you do not want your
E-Mail address listed in your Owner Registry entry please request that it be 
omitted in the Comments section near the end of this form. 
Submissions made without VALID EMAIL addresses will NOT BE ACCEPTED.
** Vehicle Identification Number is the combination of 17 letters and numbers
which describe certain facts about your vehicle. If you do not want your
V.I.N. listed in your Owner Registry entry please request that it be 
omitted in the Comments section near the end of this form. On some models it is
located on the driver's side of the dashboard above the instrument panel.
If you do not want your VIN listed in your registry entry, indicate this in the 
comments section. Submissions made without VALID VIN will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

*** Engine Code consists of two letters followed by six numbers and possibly
one letter. This Code is stamped on the flat area of the top of the engine
block, just below the lower edge of the cylinder head. It is located
approximately between the No. 3 & No. 4 cylinders.

**** Transmission Number consists of two or three letters followed by a five
digit number. The number is stamped on a flat surface on the bottom of
the transmission housing. It can be seen from the underside of you GTI 16V.

 - This owner registry is limited to GTI 16V Volkswagens based on the Golf
   platform. No Jetta GTX 16V or Jetta GLI 16V models will be accepted
   in the GTI 16V Owner Registry as these models are not GTI 16Vs by definition. 
 - The vehicle being submitted MUST also have been ORIGINALLY MANUFACTURED
   as a Golf GTI 16V and still have the 16v Engine. Golfs, Rabbits, or other
   VW models that have had a 16V engine added to them CANNOT be accepted. 
 - Color Code numbers can usually be found on a sticker in the engine 
 - Location & Date Assembled can sometimes be found on a sticker on the 
   driver's door jam or on the delivery documents for the vehicle.   
 - If you have a picture of your GTI 16V in the GIF or JPG format please
   send it along with your application information.
   Please limit the number of photos to no more than one for any one vehicle.
 - E-Mail addresses are REQUIRED for ALL submissions as I may need to contact you
   regarding your submission. If you do not wish to have you E-Mail address
   listed in your Owner Registry entry please tell me so in the Comments
   section and I will not list your E-Mail address.
 - I reserve the right to edit submissions for length and content when
 - All information in a submission must be made in the English Language.
   Information submitted in a language other than English will be edited
   or the entire submission will be rejected at my discretion.




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Engine Code 
Transmission Code 
Location Assembled
Date Assembled
Miles ***
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