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Owner     : Gerardo Rodas - Guatemala City, Guatemala, C.A.
E-mail    : grodas@grupotaca.com
Year      : 1992                      VIN : On File
Color     : Light Green Metallic  (LA6Z)
Engine    : 1.8L  16V -               Engine Code : 
Trans Code: 
Assembled : Puebla, Mexico - 
Mods      : 
Miles     : 86,981
Misc      : 
Other VWs : None
VW Clubs  : None
Joined    : 03/27/99  - Updated: 05/10/99  -  Member No: 790

Owner     : Jorge Vásquez San Román - Guatemala City, Guatemala, C.A.
E-mail    : jorge16v@hotmail.com
Year      : 1988                      VIN : On File 
Color     : Red Mica (LE3P)
Engine    : 1.8L  16V -               Engine Code : PL035425 
Trans Code: 2Y-23097
Assembled : Westmoreland, PA., USA - November 1987
Mods      : Techtonics Exhaust w/dowpipe, Neuspeed throttle body,
	    K&N air filter, K&N Air pump filter, ABD Racing Big Bore Intakes,
	    MSD 6A, European intake camshaft (258 dur 378 lift) ABD Racing,
	    Low temperature thermostats 160", Low temperature fan switch 180",
	    BOSCH spark plugs (platinium +4), ABD Racing short shift kit,
	    ABD Power Shifter, ABD Racing 8mm silicone plug wires,
	    Jamex sport springs, Front sway bar, Rear sway bar,
	    Ate power disc vented, Motul Brake fluid 600, Fuba Antenna,
	    European Bumps w/clear turn signals, ABD Floor Mats,
	    Rapid performance ganges face covers
Miles     : ??,???
Misc      : I am the third owner of my GTI 16V. Due to prior a owner I had
            to spend a lot of money to repair it. Have had a lot of trouble
            with it but I still think it is the best car with the best engine.
Other VWs : None
VW Clubs  : None
Joined    : 04/11/98  - Updated: 06/22/99  -  Member No: 526

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