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Czech Republic

Owner     : Jacob Rint - Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
E-mail    : Rint5@fel.zcu.cz
Year      : 1986                      VIN : On File
Color     : Midnight Blue Metallic  (LE5Z)
Engine    : 1.8L  16V -               Engine Code : KR011423 
Trans Code: 
Assembled : Wolfsburg, Germany - March 23, 1986
Mods      : Jetta front,gril without VW-sign(JOM), 
            Air intake on a hood(from Renault 19-16V), Single windscreen wiper,
            Exterior mirrors from BMW M3,Big sills(GFL), 
            Big rear wing (GFL-Sports line),Big bumpers(90's look),
            Black side, front and rear lights, Front Fog lights(Projector),
            KONI Dampers(Yellow) with WEITEC springs(-80mm),
            RIAL 7x15 light-alloy wheels with CONTINENTAL Tires 195/50/15,
            REMUS exhaust(2 pipes92x78mm), Sport camshaft, K&N Air filter,
            Power Pipe(D&W), Gas props under a hood, Short gear box (195 km/h),
            Tail gate without wiper and licence plate, Motor over 160HP
Miles     : 78,000
Misc      : Electric sunroof, front power windows, tail gete opened by servo,
            SONY radio XR-C 6100R with CD-changer CDX-715, 
            2x HAITAI amplifiers (2x100W each), MAGNAT amplifier(1x120W), 
            Subwoofer PYLO, Speakers Made by SONY and PIONEER(10pieces),
            Sport steering wheel, 4-points belts(SPARCO), Blue instruments(VDO),
            Blue interior
Other VWs : VW Golf III. 1.8L (55kW)
VW Clubs  : None
Joined    : 10/06/98  - Updated: 10/14/98  -  Member No: 675

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