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Owner     : Yordan Zhechev - Sofia, Bulgaria
E-mail    : On File
Year      : 1993                      VIN : On File
Color     : Black  (LO41)
Engine    : 2.0L  16V -               Engine Code : 
Trans Code: 
Assembled : Wolfsburg, Germany - January 1993
Mods      : KN Sport filter, custom made stainless steel sport exhaust pipes, 
	    lightweight fly wheel and sprocket (variable valve timing), 
	    KONI adjustable sport suspension, custom made front and rear brake disks, 
	    FK anti-theft system
Miles     : 80,000
Misc      : 
Other VWs : None
VW Clubs  : VW Club Bulgaria
Joined    : 07/11/2005  - Updated: 07/21/2005  -  Member No: 1351

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