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This Buy/Sell/Trade is for Volkswagen Water Cooled Cars or Car Parts Only.
No other items can or will be accepted for posting.
Please use the following form for all new submisisons as well as updates
for existing Buy-Sell-Trade entries. Please fill out the form completely. 

                    Buy-Sell-Trade Submission Notes 
- If you have multiple items to buy or sell list all items followed by
  their individual prices.
- Submissions involving items listed on EBay WILL NOT be Posted and the
  submission will not be acknowledged
- Do Not use ALL Capital Letters in the Description of your Item.
  Submissions using Capital Letters WILL NOT be Posted and the submission
  will not be acknowledged
- Do not forget to include your email address as I may need to contact you
  regarding your submission. Submissions without Complete, Functioning
  Email Addresses WILL NOT be posted.
- I reserve the right to edit submissions for length and content when
- Your Buy-Sell-Trade listing will be posted for 30 days. Should you find
  or sell the items in your Advertisement please notify me by email so I
  can remove your entry before the 30 period expires.

Type of Entry
Description of Item(s) For Sale/Wanted
Be Brief & Descriptive
Do NOT Use ALL Capital Letters
in Description
Complete Email Address (REQUIRED)
City, State, Country
where items are Located

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