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VW Show & Event Info - 2024    

   - Information on Events for VWs held from Maine to Virginia and other States
  - Check Back Often to Get the Latest Info!
  - Latest Updates (Date updated in parenthesis):	
	- First Update of 2024




VW Events in Google Calendar

   -  Back Again this Year:  VW Event Information is now in Google Calendar

East Coast USA - Show Results

   - Show Results for VWs from events held from Maine to Virginia
   - Recent Updates:

GTI 16V Owner Registry

   - Owner Registry for all GTI 16V Owners
   - 1200+ and Growing Strong! 
   - Congratulations to Leonardo Zapata the 1300th Member of the Registry!!   
   - Welcome to
	- Yordan Zhechev the First Member from Bulgaria!!
	- German Villegas Guevara the First Member from Venezuela!!
	- Kobi Liany the First Member from Israel!!
	- Genc Bregu the First Member from Albania!!	

GTI 16V Technical Specifications

   - Technical Specs by Model/Year
   - 16V Engine FAQ 
   - 16V Engine Hoses
   - General VW Recall  
   - Technical Bulletins 
   - VW Paint Color Samples & Code Numbers (More Samples and New Format Now Here!)
   - Wiring Diagrams 
   - Links to Other Tech Spec Pages (*NEW*)    

Buy - Sell - Trade

   - Submit your VW Water Cooled Wanted and For Sale Ads
   - Links to other Wanted & For Sale Listings

Links to Sites for Water Cooled VWs

   - "Unofficial" Home Pages for Water Cooled VWs (61) 
   - Official Volkswagen Sites (307)
   - Water Cooled Parts/Sales/Service (171)
   - VW Clubs & Organizations (145)
   - Publications & Misc for VWs (29) 

Water Cooled VW Photo Gallery

   - Photos from VW Events & Owner Registry Vehicles
   - Recent Additions to the Gallery Include:

Please Note: There will be no photos from the 2008 H2O International Show this year as I was unable to
		take any photos due to working at this event.

Photos of My Rabbit Resto Project

This project is now complete and can be seen at some of the East Coast VW Shows.
Many, many more photos have been added to this section, check them out.

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